Newtown in its new form and Australia street have embraced the changes with Audrey and Him born within its reincarnations.

Established 15 years ago and managed by Rubi and Cushla for the last 7 years it’s a elegant and carefully designed salon for locals and with clients in mind.

Our mission and vision while shared embraces the individuality and harnessess the beauty in all walks of life.

With 8 stylists and managed by both Rubi and Cushla who bring over 15 years years in the industry, Audrey and Him staff will make you remember what personal service used to feel like.

Our one staff / one client approach encourages you the client to share your desires and style so we can best execute on the promise.

Audrey and Him is tucked away from the main strip on Australia St and shares the beautiful cul-de-sac with other amazing icons the likes of Oscilate Wildly, Black Star, Bermuda, Fire Station, Court House and others to discover.

We cant wait to tell you all about Newtown or just catch up.